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Veterinary Urgent Care by ETHOS

Submit a Referral

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Simplify Communications Between Your Practice and Ours

If you are sending a patient to us that you have recently seen please consider submitting a referral with their medical record and lab results to our team. A veterinary referral is not required, but it may reduce the need to repeat some recent diagnostic tests.

Veterinary Portal Support and Self-Help

The rVetLink portal is our preferred method for submitting a referral. We hope it will become yours too. Log in using your hospital’s credentials and submit a new referral or view current in-patient information.

When you sign in, your referral will be attached to the record in your portal along with a number of time-saving features! Receive updates and information automatically, or at your convenience, share patient records easily across the team, and do it all online or in the mobile app.

What is my Username or Password?

Please contact us if you would like to set up an account for your team, or to reset your password, or if you have other questions about our referral portal. Access to the portal is shared across your team, this gives all doctors at your practice access to all the patient records for our mutual clients.