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Veterinary Urgent Care by ETHOS

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About Us

We are dedicated to providing compassionate medical care for dogs and cats.

Veterinary Urgent Care by Ethos

In April 2022 Ethos Veterinary Health launched Veterinary Urgent Care to provide veterinary medical care to dogs and cats in stable condition, but who need medical attention after hours. The first two Veterinary Urgent Care clinics are located in California. In December we opened our first Veterinary Urgent Care clinic in Medford Massachusetts, with a Nashua, New Hampshire clinic slated for early 2023.

Veterinarians and technicians at our urgent care clinics are experienced, trained, and skilled in all aspects of emergency medicine. Our clinics are equipped with point-of-care ultrasound, digital radiography (digital x-rays), in-house lab equipment, blood analyzers, and more.

Veterinary Urgent Care bridges the gap between primary and emergency care. We are open 7 days per week with extended evening hours to support you when your family veterinarian is unavailable, your pet is not in life-threatening condition, and medical care is needed. Our clinics are not staffed overnight, so we cannot accept patients who need to be hospitalized.

If your pet’s condition is too serious to be treated at a Veterinary Urgent Care clinic, every effort will be made to stabilize and reduce pain for your pet while you arrange for him or her to be seen at a 24-hour veterinary emergency hospital. Our relationship with the hospitals of Ethos Veterinary Health enables us to divert more serious cases to emergency veterinarians and specialists nearby.